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Alpine Translations translate written German into English. We use native English speakers to ensure that any translated material makes sense both literally and colloquially. This is essential in order to avoid potentially embarassing context mistakes, but also so that all material reads well in the final language.

We specialise in the following industries:

  • Medical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • General Business

Our skills and experience in these markets mean that we are proficient at highly complex translation services.

If you require help with English to German translation or in other specialised industries, then we may also be able to help through partner companies.

The Translation Process:

The translation process starts with an assessment of your text and some questions about the kind of service you require. It is important for you to provide us with as much information as possible. After all, the more we know about your needs, the easier it is for us to exceed your expectations!

Once the details have been agreed, your document will be translated in accordance with your instructions. When the translation is complete, it will be printed out and checked against the original text. If any amendments are required, these will be made. The translator then reads the translation through one final time to make sure it reads like an original document. If you intend to publish the translation, we advise you to use our 'for publication' service.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which languages do you translate? We translate texts from German into English. Translations from English into German can also be arranged upon request.

How long will the translation take? As a general rule, please allow 2 days for translations of up to 1,000 words and 1 working day for every 1,500 words after that. We can be flexible, however, and it may be possible to deliver very short jobs on the same day.

Do you have the expertise to translate specialised texts? We specialise in medical German but also undertake translations in many other fields. In accordance with the guidelines issued by the Institute of Translation & Interpreting, your text will be translated by a qualified professional with the
specialist knowledge required for your project. In addition, our translators only
ever translate into their native language. We liaise closely with you to ensure the translation is written in the same style as your in-house documents with correct use of specialist terminology.

How much will it cost? Quotations are issued on an individual basis according to the length of the document, subject matter and type of service required. Once our initial assessment is complete, we will confirm the fee and agree a deadline before starting work.

Will my information be secure? Any information you provide will be treated in the strictest confidence and we are happy to sign confidentiality agreements where necessary. We like to keep records of our translation work for reference but will destroy any material you supply as soon as the translation is complete if you wish.

Questions We Will Ask:

What will the translation be used for? It is important to tell us what the translation will be used for as we offer two different types of service. The first is 'for information only' and, as the name suggests, for people who just need to know what something means. The second is our 'for publication' service. If you choose this service, your translation will be checked and edited by a second native speaker to ensure you receive a natural, polished text that is fit for publication. This service is designed for text that has to make an impression, such as marketing material.

Do you have any special formatting or delivery requirements? Translations can be supplied and delivered by email, post or fax. However, we prefer to translate from electronic files wherever possible. It speeds up the translation process and makes it easier to reproduce any complicated in formatting your text. If your document contains tables or diagrams, we will ask how you would like these reproduced. In some cases, lists of figures or addresses will not need to be translated and if you wish, we will omit these to reduce the length and therefore the cost of the translation.

How quickly do you need the translation? Wherever possible, we will deliver your translation on the day you want it although won't compromise on quality to do so. For an idea of how long the translation process takes, please refer to our guidelines in the answer to 'How long will the translation take?' One thing you can be sure of though - once we have agreed a deadline we always stick to it!

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